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About The Blues

Come dive with us!

Our multilingual dive instructors and customer service team are missioned to  give you the ultimate Okinawa experience! We offer snorkeling and dive activities at many dive sites such as Blue Cave, Sunabe, Kerama, Manzamo, as well as Gorilla, Minina Island, Sesoko Island, World War II shipwreck and underwater stalactite cave at Northern Okinawa, you name it! Our unique step-by-step teaching model has also given our students a higher success rate and greater confidence in diving. Apart from scuba dive and snorkeling, our all-in-one centre provides basic freediving course, underwater portrait photography, guided SUP and kayak tour to help create everyone's dream holiday at Okinawa.

Our Facility

Free Parking



Beach Inn

THE BLUES沖繩潛水住宿方案

Our Inn

Our dive shop has a sea view B&B and cafe, providing warm accommodation and delicious food.


KOL and Customer Review


麥明詩 Louisa Mak

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糖 Tong Li

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​莊韻澄 Xenia Chong

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台灣小姐 邱怡澍 Joyce

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Words from the team

“We have discovered the job for life through the journey of teaching diving, and have decided to let more people fall in love with this breathtaking blue ocean.

The sea takes us to places around the globe - Cuba, Mexico, Australia, the Maldives, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. We have seen unforgettable underwater sceneries and had wonderful encounters with countless marine creatures. But what fascinates us most about being dive instructors is that we can open a door to the underwater world for our students and witness their discovery of endless joy  in the sea."


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