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體驗潛水沖繩 try dive okinawa

Try Dive

​JPY 16,000 /person

Suitable for people: Without any diving experience or​ non-certified divers

Eligibility: 10-60 years old and in good physical condition suitable for diving activities (Health declaration required)

​Content: Briefing and dive experience

Duration: Around 2 hours/one dive

Scale: Maximum 1 instructor: 2 guests (1 on 1 can be requested)

Price includes: Instructor fee, diving gear, gas tanks and basic underwater photography

Why Us?

Multilingual  Team

Cantonese, Mandarin and English speaking diving instructors and CS team. 100% communication barrier-free.

One Person Welcome

Solo traveler friendly! We accept booking of 1 person.

All-in-one Diving and Watersports Center

Our centre provides a variety of activities such as scuba diving, freediving, snorkelling, SUP and kayaking.

Diving Gear Inlcuded

All fees include Japanese diving equipment rental. 

Accommodation Available

Located next to Blue Cave, a hot spot for snorkeling and diving in Okinawa. It’s super convenient to get into the water as soon as you get up!

Free Basic Underwater Photography

Wait no more. Photos will be transferred to your mobile device right after the event.

Unique step-by-step Teaching Model

Customers unfamiliar with the water or difficult in equalising have a higher success rate in diving with us.

​Award-winning underwater photographer

Okinawa's only award-winning underwater photographer provides professional portrait photography.

Flexible Schedule

As long as we have availability on the day you want to make an appointment, booked! No fixed timetable Perfect for travel itineraries.

Protect the Ocean

We contribute a portion of our proceeds to support CleanHub’s marine debris removal program. Your fee will directly help the ocean.


Q. Can single person sign up?

A. Yes! We welcome you to come alone, our diving instructors and divemasters will be your best diving companions! (Maybe you will find your dream diving buddy here~)

Q. I am not familiar with water, can I participate in your Try Dive?

​A. During the entire experience diving process, our instructor will drag you along. Basically, you can enjoy watching fish and corals without having to kick your fins~

Q. I don’t have any diving experience or diving certification. Can I join?

A. Yes, this Try dive is just for you!

Q. Do I need to sign a health declaration?

​A. Yes, everyone participating in our activities must sign a health declaration. Please click here to read our statement. Some people may need a doctor's signature to further confirm that their conditions are suitable for our activities.

Q. Can I dive if I am nearsighted?

A. You can see clearly underwater with –3.00 dioptres (300 degrees), because things are enlarged by one-third due to underwater refraction. If your shortsightedness is above –3.00 dioptres (300 degrees), you can wear contact lenses, or we will prepare a special mask for you.

​Q. Is your Try Dive going to be shore diving or boat diving?

A. Since Try Dive is for people without any diving experience, shore diving is more suitable. You can slowly adapt to underwater breathing in shallow water areas, while boat diving requires you to roll back from the side of the boat and go directly to the deep water area - it could be a challenge for some people. Therefore, our diving experience is mainly shore diving, and your success rate will also be greatly increased!

Q. Can I choose the dive site?

A. Sure! We recommend Blue Cave, Sunabe or Northern Gorilla. Click here to view dive site introduction. Depending on the weather and wave conditions that day, we may make adjustments to the arrangements and designated dive sites.

Q. I want to see sea turtles, is that okay?

​A. Every encounter with a marine animal is luck. We will take you to dive sites where we have seen sea turtles, but there is no guarantee you will meet them unfortunately.

Q. After my Try Dive, how do I continue my diving journey?

​A. Getting a diving certification is your next step. You will learn diving knowledge and skills, and then you can participate in Fun Dive and dive around the world! All guests who participate in our experience diving will receive a 10,000 yen discount if they book a Open Water Diver course within 6 months.

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